Can using chatgpt amount to defamation

Can using ChatGPT amount to Defamation?

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Whilst most are initially impressed at AI technology such as ChatGPT’s efficiency in accomplishing tasks that would take regular people several hours to complete, upon further investigation, many have realised the possibility of AI-generated…
New changes coming to the use of fixed term contracts under the fair work act

New changes coming to the use of fixed term contracts under the Fair Work Act

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From 6 December 2023, new laws will be introduced under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (‘FW Act’) limiting the use of fixed-term contracts with an ‘identifiable end date’ of more than two years. Contracts which have an option to renew…
Solicitors advice certificate - Arrow White

Solicitors Advice Certificate

Solicitors Advice Certificate Solicitor’s advice certificates are becoming commonplace, but there is still some confusion amongst people as to what they are, especially if there has not been a need for one previously. What is a solicitor's…
Employee or Contractor - Employment Law Australia

Employee or Contractor? What’s the difference?

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Employees and contractors serve very different functions, and while this may seem obvious, nuances in the way you engage the people that perform services for you may have unforeseen ramifications. For example, if you have engaged a…
what you need to know before running a trade promotion competition - Arrow White

What You Need to Know Before Running a Trade Promotion Competition

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Interest has risen in Trade Promotions due to their effective marketing applications but it is important to consider how to conduct them legally What is a Trade Promotion? Referred to as either a Trade Promotion Competition or…
Joint Tenants vs Tenants in common - Arrow White Blog

Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common

Joint Tenants are joint property owners. This means that when one owner passes away the property ownership will automatically be assumed by the surviving owner. Tenants in Common is a share in a property. There can be…
building insolvency QBCC what to do if your builder becomes insolvent during your project - Arrow White

Building, Insolvency, & QBCC: What to do if your builder becomes insolvent during your project

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With rises in builders becoming insolvent, this issue is rapidly becoming Australia’s biggest concern... Current events will attest that the biggest and most reputable builders are not impervious to an economic downturn. Companies…
what to consider when writing your will Queensland edition - Arrow White

What to Consider When Writing Your Will: Queensland Edition

What are wills and why are they important? Firstly, you might be wondering about the importance of a will. The importance of a will stems from its actual purpose. A will is a legal document that provides directions for your property…
proposed changes to eConveyancing in Queensland - Arrow White Legal Blog

Proposed changes to eConveyancing in Queensland

Econveyancing - It's E-asy! NOTICE: We note the following announcement has been made by the Queensland Department of Resources, superseding the subsequent article which was correct at the time of posting. Electronic conveyancing (or eConveyancing)…
The impact of covid 19 on unfair dismissal redundancy - Arrow White

The Impact of COVID-19 On Unfair Dismissal & Redundancy

The Effect of COVID-19 on Dismissal & Redundancy The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a negative impact on many businesses financially, even forcing some to close. Employees of these businesses are not immune to the impacts and are…