Changes to the unfair contract terms regime - Employment Lawyers

Changes to the ‘Unfair Contract Terms’ regime

A new regime now applies under Australian Consumer Law to contracts entered into or renewed following 9 November 2023, as well as any terms to existing contracts varied after this date. Unfair contract terms can attract significant penalties…
Asics crackdown on greenwashing companies must remain wary - Climate Change Australia

ASIC’s Crackdown on Greenwashing: Companies must remain wary

The growing consumer demand for ethical and environmentally friendly options has prompted certain companies to make ambiguous or false environmental claims, leading to potential instances of false and misleading conduct that can result in harsh…
Recent decision rostering requirements for employees on public holidays

Recent Decision: Rostering requirements for Employees on Public Holidays

In the matter of Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union v OS MCAP Pty Ltd [2023] FCAFC 51 the Full Court of the Federal Court recently considered public holiday provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 and has ruled that employers…
Can using chatgpt amount to defamation

Can using ChatGPT amount to Defamation?

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Whilst most are initially impressed at AI technology such as ChatGPT’s efficiency in accomplishing tasks that would take regular people several hours to complete, upon further investigation, many have realised the possibility of AI-generated…
Voluntary administration and what this could mean for your business

Voluntary Administration and What this Could Mean for Your Business

Most people view voluntary administration as another form of liquidation. However, this is not the case. In fact, voluntary administration is a procedure that allows an essentially insolvent company to access financial expertise and potentially…
New pay secrecy laws in Australia - Arrow White

New Pay Secrecy Laws in Australia

New Pay Secrecy Laws in Australia Recent law reform to the Fair Work Act 2009 has prohibited pay secrecy in Australia, granting employees new rights to openly share information regarding their pay in the workplace without repercussion. Pay…
Validity of a will article - Arrow White

Validity of a will

The Validity of a Will: Suspicious Circumstances and Undue Influence A person who creates a will (Testator) must know and approve of all of the contents inside of that will at their own free will. In determining whether a Testator has…
Property law bill - Arrow White Property Lawyers

Property Law Bill

Exciting times are ahead for Queensland property buyers with the Queensland Parliament introducing new legislation to modernise property laws with contemporary language to better reflect current commercial practice.  The Property Law Bill…
Solicitors advice certificate - Arrow White

Solicitors Advice Certificate

Solicitors Advice Certificate Solicitor’s advice certificates are becoming commonplace, but there is still some confusion amongst people as to what they are, especially if there has not been a need for one previously. What is a solicitor's…
conveyancing property investments how a solicitors advice can help you break into the property sector

Conveyancing & Property Investments: How a Solicitor’s Advice can Help you Break into the Property Sector

Why Solicitors are Essential in Property Investments Engaging a solicitor to provide advice on your new property venture can provide insightful industry relevant knowledge that can further your commercial portfolio. Ensuring you have…